Hello and welcome to my blog. I am hoping to make this an interactive place where you can come to share your thoughts on my stories. You can let me know what you liked, what you didn’t or what you might be interested in seeing in my future posts.

The most gratifying part of writing for me is to know that reading my stories have interested or inspired someone in any way so I’m looking forward to hearing any thoughts you’re willing to share.

I’m a reader and both reading and writing provide me a means of escape. Sometimes life can be confusing, tough or just plain old boring. Reading and writing helps me break away from everyday life for a brief moment and be part of another world.

From this point forward I’m going to share brief blog posts about almost everything. Social injustice, politics, religion, cooking, book and movie reviews, cats, travelling and rants of a medical student. So be looking out for that and don’t forget to leave me comments.

Happy reading and see you soon!

Sadaf Alvi.



4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Some people may not
    like or accept you
    because of your religion,
    the color of your skin,
    your national origin,
    your sex,
    your wealth or lack of it,
    your educational level,
    your occupation,
    your way of life,
    or for some other reason.
    I don’t know why
    people are so narrow-minded,
    and prejudice
    especially in this
    day and age
    when humanity has
    come so far.
    And I’ll never understand
    why people can’t just
    love each other
    as God intended.
    But I do know
    that you shouldn’t believe
    a bit of what
    such people say.
    Never believe
    that you’re not
    as good as everyone else…
    because you are
    Loving personality….
    Respected personality….
    Honored personality….

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