Some people (like me) don’t want their pets to sleep with them on their beds and they struggle to stop it. Others want it badly but they can’t make it work. It’s one of the most complicated problems a cat owner has to deal with.


But now that the weather is getting colder, it’s me, Mr. Casper and my comfy queen size bed. Even if it’s not winter, I know, we had to make this work because by ruining my breakfast, waking me up in the middle of night and making me play with him when I have to study for my exams is just Casper’s way of saying how much he loves me. Now, as Kiran says, how can I thwart him?

I was very much concerned about problems like allergies and sleep quality but Kiran told me that this was also a territory issue for Casper. Besides, it’s Casper and forbidding him will either not work out the way I want or it’ll result in some serious frustration and rejection which I just can’t afford. And according to Kiran’s rule book, hurting your pet’s feelings in any way is highly detrimental not only to your human-cat relationship but it may also cost you your friendship with the cat-woman.

We, therefore, have favored ways of arranging ourselves for sleep, and we can usually mesh these ways to “mutual agreement”. Unlike Kiran’s cats, Casper won’t take my word for what’s the best place for him to sleep. I tried to turn my bookcase’s headboard into Casper’s bed by putting a pillow and a small matrix but he didn’t feel very special with this arrangement.He made it clear that in the day time his favorite place is sofa and during night, he’d like to sleep on my pillow.

Casper is still learning that he can amuse and soothe himself. But he would still prefer that I’ve the same sleep cycle as he does. I tried to teach him “self soothing behaviors” and they just increased his confidence and autonomy.

It was next to impossible convincing Casper not to sleep on my bed. But the more I tried, the more he started taking it as a challenge. So, I just listened to Kiran and all I’ve to say is that it’s just that he prefer showing me his affection in this way.



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