About me

Twenty-something. Trying to shake loose the bad habit of saying “yes” too much. Avoiding the quarter-life crisis and sharing those inevitable embarrassing moments that I can’t quite laugh about just yet.


Hi! This is me.

Like most people my age, I am struggling with finding my place in this world and am hoping that by hashing out my feelings on my online journal, I will eventually figure it out. I have a passion for raw, honest and vulnerable writing and there’s no better feeling than knowing something I have written has evoked emotion in someone else. I’m a freelance writer and here are some of my selected works for various publications online.

I am interested in a lot of things so rather than having a specific focus, my blog comprises of a potpourri of my personal reflections – most of them, however, approached quantitatively. I have an academic background and – at least for the next few years – an academic future, so there might be a slight bias towards regression analyses and scatter plots. Anyway, I hope to occasionally raise interesting perspectives by challenging conventional wisdom. My aim is to be factual rather than personal. And on a final note, I enjoy a good debate, so please share all your wise thoughts, ask good questions, and correct my errors.

I’m a final year medical student and I aim to work in education, health care and with the victims of social and physical abuse. I’m passionate about serving disadvantaged inner-city communities and am interested in addressing the pervasive urban violence culture. I also have plans to improve access to quality health care in Pakistan. In my personal life, I enjoy reading, music, movies, and sports.

Can’t say I’ll be dishing out advice but if I only leave you with one piece, here it is: Don’t make bets you’re not ready to follow through with in the near future.

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