Alpha cats are natural leaders; they refuse to be led and they love and attempt to take charge of almost every situation. They like their food the way they like and when they want it. They let you touch them only on their terms. They demand attention and access and they tend to rebel when admonished. To sum up, “you don’t own an alpha cat – the alpha cat owns you.”


“I dare you pet me!” Casper-The Alpha

We have had Casper since he was four weeks old. At the sixth week, I saw the first signs of Alpha tendencies. Since then, he has disrupted my sleep, locked himself in the bathroom, opened a child proof first-aid box, killed my laptop with a glass of coke, ruined my breakfast, made me buy him toys and even persuaded me to swap out my bedside table for a more secure and sturdy furniture item. He often behaved in ways I couldn’t understand until much later.



You can easily spot an alpha cat because an alpha is aggressive, moody and controlling. They claim a territory and will act if an interloper comes in. Unlike the defensive cat, alphas won’t back away from an aggressor. He’d rather fight and make the opponent flee.

If you own an alpha cat, he can give you a very tough time training him. Alpha cats hate to be controlled. If they’re unhappy with a situation, they meow loudly and maybe even growl at you and if you continue to annoy them, they might even bite you. Never try to pick up an alpha male who doesn’t like you to, there are chances he might scratch and claw you.


If you get scratched by your cat when you’re in the middle of a petting session with him, you likely have an alpha and this is their way of telling you that they have had enough petting. They think that by doing so they’ve given you an obvious signals and if you continue petting him, they’ll likely scratch or bite you. When an alpha cat is done with the petting, he narrows his eyes, thumps his tail from side to side and gives your hand a sideways glance. This is a classic alpha cat move.

Alpha cats thrive on bullying and being in control and trust me when I tell you that domesticated cats will bully you. This behavior is evident in Casper who will jump onto my bed while I’m sleeping and will bite me to get me up to feed him. And most of the time he’s not even starving; he just wants to assert his dominance and get me to do his bidding when he wants.


Because books make the best pillow

Casper will jump up on your lap and allow himself to be petted – but only for as long as he want. And when he’s had enough, he’ll narrow his eyes, glance sideways at the petting hand, and his tail will begin to switch from side to side. Yeah! that’s the time to let him go. Because he’s got better things to do like keeping a check on his weight or take care of the stalker cats or carry on with his routine harmless activities like swimming.


She steps on it quite often. I guess I should too. Casper-the weight conscious cat.

Petting an alpha cat can be the toughest thing but a cat owner will agree that it’s still worth all the trouble. Because that’s not all there is to him. An alpha cat will bring the same intensity and commitment to the things you love about them. Alphas are perpetual motion; those bright brains and busy bodies need stimulation.  Give them enough interesting things to do, enough difficult tasks to accomplish, enough areas to investigate and explore, they will be the most happy and delightful companions you can ever have.






Some people (like me) don’t want their pets to sleep with them on their beds and they struggle to stop it. Others want it badly but they can’t make it work. It’s one of the most complicated problems a cat owner has to deal with.


But now that the weather is getting colder, it’s me, Mr. Casper and my comfy queen size bed. Even if it’s not winter, I know, we had to make this work because by ruining my breakfast, waking me up in the middle of night and making me play with him when I have to study for my exams is just Casper’s way of saying how much he loves me. Now, as Kiran says, how can I thwart him?

I was very much concerned about problems like allergies and sleep quality but Kiran told me that this was also a territory issue for Casper. Besides, it’s Casper and forbidding him will either not work out the way I want or it’ll result in some serious frustration and rejection which I just can’t afford. And according to Kiran’s rule book, hurting your pet’s feelings in any way is highly detrimental not only to your human-cat relationship but it may also cost you your friendship with the cat-woman.

We, therefore, have favored ways of arranging ourselves for sleep, and we can usually mesh these ways to “mutual agreement”. Unlike Kiran’s cats, Casper won’t take my word for what’s the best place for him to sleep. I tried to turn my bookcase’s headboard into Casper’s bed by putting a pillow and a small matrix but he didn’t feel very special with this arrangement.He made it clear that in the day time his favorite place is sofa and during night, he’d like to sleep on my pillow.

Casper is still learning that he can amuse and soothe himself. But he would still prefer that I’ve the same sleep cycle as he does. I tried to teach him “self soothing behaviors” and they just increased his confidence and autonomy.

It was next to impossible convincing Casper not to sleep on my bed. But the more I tried, the more he started taking it as a challenge. So, I just listened to Kiran and all I’ve to say is that it’s just that he prefer showing me his affection in this way.


Today I’d like to share some ways how Casper has impacted my life – resulting in actual change on my part, or just providing me with food for thought and something to aspire to.

Maintaining a healthy diet:


Ruining my breakfast

It’s because of Casper that I’m able to maintain a balanced (in terms of calories) diet. He cares so much about my fitness that he won’t let me consume any extra calories.

Life’s too short to settle:

Casper didn’t like the cat bed my mom brought for him. So no matter what he never used it. He didn’t like the cat food my brother gave him, he never ate it. Eventually he got what wanted. A place on my bed and his favorite food items.


Casper won’t eat the new cat food.


What’s a cat bed? I’ll sleep wherever I want.

Enjoying little things:

People who have ever watched their cats playing endlessly or sitting happily in a basket or sofa watching TV know exactly what I’m talking about. Intellectually, it makes complete sense to me but still it’s the hardest for me to hold onto. If spending time with Casper has taught me anything, it’s that it’s the little moments that make up the majority of our lives and we must learn to appreciate and make the most of them.


Enjoying the heat on a cold winter night.

All lives matter:

Yeah, the only reason some people are still alive out there is that I’m learning patience and self control from Casper. No kidding.


Casper want to eat mom’s pet turtles but he’s fighting the temptation.

Don’t be clingy:

Casper don’t like it. Neither do I.


Oh please! Give me some space.

Do it:

Being a pleaser and because I care too much for people, this is something I’m not very good at. But Casper has never asked if he can sit on my laptop or share my breakfast. He just do what he has to do and then hopes to charm me into forgiving or forgetting. He never has to work much for it though.


Let’s Netflix and chill togather!


I’m sleepy, you can read later.

Love bonds us all:

I learned from Casper to accept the love I have in my life even if it’s not in the way I expected to receive it, along with the importance of being patient (something I continuously have to struggle with).